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3D printers produced in 3Dfactories are characterized by precise processing , stability and reliability. The innovative approach to design, brought a number of improvements that will be mainly appriaciated during long time usage of the easy3Dmaker. 

High quality

All parts are made from high quality aluminum alloys and pickled steel. Stressed components such as extruder feeding wheel and guide rods are adapted to withstand even during prolonged use. 3D factories philosophy is based on the traditional approach to manufacturing quality and robust machines that easily exceed many times its warranty period. 
Easy3Dmaker vanaf de top gezien met fulling
printjes uit de Easy3Dmaker

Easy to use

By using a simple and intuitive software the easy3Dmaker is fun and easy to use. Thanks to this you do not need any special skills or training to use the printer. To retrieve the model for use in your 3D project is as simple as any other program. The model of your 3D project can be Enlarged or rotated. the number of models is not limited. The program will also tell you long printing will take an how much material it will take so you can plan ahead.

Easy3Dmaker specifications

400 x 400 x 500 mm
printing area:
200 x 200 x 230 mm
slice resolution (z-axis):
0.08 - 0.25 mm
nozzle diameter:
0.5 / 0.3 / 0.2 mm (optional)
17 kg
max. printing speed:
80 mm/s
max. crossing speed:
230 mm/s
max. temperature:
max. achievable precision:
0,1 mm / 100 mm
power consumption printing bed:
180 W max.
power consumption hot end:
40 W
heated printing bed:
printing material:
software of delivery contents:
data transfer:
USB, SD-Card
stable metal-housing

Check a full rundown of the easy3Dmaker in this promo video



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