Generation 4 - Technical Specification (all models):

Generation 4 - What's new

Generation 4 widens Modix’s offering by introducing new capabilities such as printing models with internal geometries, faster printing speed, reduced post process time and higher reliability.

General Information

  • Printing Technology – FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Delivery – Self assembly kit. Assembly guide includes easy to follow videos and online 3D models that can be rotated and zoomed.
  • Unified Core concept- All our printers share the same core design based on Modix BIG-60 V4.0.
  • Upgrade  – New versions are designed with backward compatibility in mind. Owners of Modix’s printers enjoy upgrades from time to time in both configurations and hardware.
Print Volume
Machine Size
Shipping Weight 120 KG 170 KG 140 KG 210 KG 200 KG
~265 lbs ~325 Ibs ~265 Ibs ~465 Ibs ~440 Ibs
Enclosure Optional Optional Optional Included Included
IDEX Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Z Axis Guides Hiwin Rails 
Hiwin Rails 
Included Included Included
Expansion board
Included Included Included Included Included
Tilt screen &
emergency button
Optional Optional Included Optional Included
Casters Optional Optional Optional Included Included
Base Price €4,900 €7,500 €7,500 €15,500 €13,500
Packing lists: Big-60 Big-120X Big-120Z Big-180X


Chassis & Enclosure

  • Solid 40X40 T-slot aluminum profiles
  • Powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets and joints
  • Enclosure – Closed enclosure made of 3mm black Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP). Enclosure is an optional add-on for BIG-60, BIG-120X & BIG-120Z and a default option for BIG-Meter and BIG-180X.

Electronic Controller

Duet 2 WiFi, a powerful 3D Printer controller made in the UK. Duet is a well known and widely supported electronic platform for professional 3D printers. It is made by a respectful company and it is a major factor in our ability to provide ongoing high level of quality and reliability.

  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor
  • Dedicated WiFi module with external antenna
  • Quiet TMC2660 stepper drivers, up to 256 micro-stepping.
  • High speed uSD card and support for a second external SD card if required.
  • Dual extruders controlled on the main board, up to 5 additional stepper motor drivers are controlled on the DUEX expansion board.
  • High Power rating: Each stepper driver is capable of 2.8A motor current, currently limited in software to 2.4A.
  • Access the printer via a PC, tablet or smartphone on a local network.
  • Set up and control your printer through the web interface.

Fully Automated Calibration

All our printers’ models are delivered with the electronic expansion board named Duex. This allows allocating a dedicated driver per each motor for both Z axis and X axis. As a result, Modix is now offering a full set of automated calibrations routines including:

  • Bed tilting calibration
  • Bed leveling
  • Gantry alignment
  • Z offset calibration


Touch Screen- 7-inch Duet3D touchscreen – integrated with the controller

Web Interface  – WiFi web access for remote control from either mobile or PC allowing users to upload print files directly from their workstation


Griffin Print Head

Previously and optional upgrade and now is the default print head on all our printers, the new Griffin print-head is a major improvement to our offering. It consists of a custom extruder made by Bondtech (based on the BMG model) and of a new hotend designed by Modix. The new design comes default with every Modix printer and includes the following improvements:

High flow rate & high printing temperatures: The Bondtech extruder provides a double drive-gear system that grabs the filament from both sides. The heat-block is made of nickel-coated copper, for an increased rate of heat transfer and compatibility with higher printing temperatures. The design includes the advanced Slice Engineering Bi-Metal heat-break that extends the melting zone inside the heat-block by being mostly made of copper as well. In addition, an upgraded PT-1000 temperature sensor enables printing in higher temperatures of up to 500°c. The hotend components are rated for 500°c and so far have been verified with printing of up to 340°c.

Higher reliability: 
Large scale 3D printing usually involves the risk of the print-head scratching or crashing into the thick layer models resulting in bent or broken heat-breaks. The new print-head provides a rigid mounting of the heat-block, so it’s naturally more reliable and reduces these situations. The main reason for this is that the heat-block is now mounted on three faces instead of only one. It can withstand a much stronger impact thanks to this additional bracing. The longer-type Griffin High-Flow can also be attached to the rigid mounting as well.

Improved User Experience: 
The new print-head design makes nozzle replacements easier. The rigid mounting of the heat-block allows one handed nozzle replacement, making it even easier to change to different nozzle diameters.

Easy Swap: The design of the mounting bracket and the D shaft style of the Slice Engineering heat-break gives users the ability to replace the entire filament melting subsystem with ease. This will allow users to dedicate a complete setup for a specific filament type. i.e., keeping one setup for abrasive carbon filled filament and another for prototyping with PLA.

Compact Design: The new design maintains the previous design benefits of compact design that preserves the generous Z-axis travel and is compatible with the vast offering of E3D Volcano nozzles coming in numerous sizes and materials.

Smart: The new print-head allows automatic Z off-set calibration between the nozzle and the BL Touch probe. This is easier and more precise than the manual procedure. A dedicated sensor allows the BL-Touch and the nozzle to touch the surface, consequently. The precise relative distance between the probe and the nozzle (“Z-offset”) is saved automatically to the printer.

*The brass nozzle needs to be replaced with a higher-temperature capable nozzle as well for temperatures above 300c


Z off-set calibration tool

IDEX dual printing add-on

“IDEX” stands for independent dual extruder, where each extruder is capable of moving independently from each other. As a result, while the active extruder is printing, the second extruder is “parked” outside the printing area. Therefore, dual material printing made with IDEX technology comes out cleaner and with higher success ratios in comparison to other configurations as such the two print heads are installed side by side on the same carriage.

IDEX allows printing of advanced models that have internal geometries by using water-soluble filament. In addition, printing the dense support layers (interface layers between the model and the solid support structure) with a breakaway support filament, saves a lot of manual labor for support removal. In addition, since there is no need to keep air gap between the dense support and the model itself as normally happened when using the same material for support, the supported bottom surface of the models comes out clean and smooth. This saves a lot of time needed usually for sanding during the post process.

The IDEX is sold as an optional add-on for all generation 4 printers. includes:

  • Secondary printing subsystem: Griffin print head, clog detector, PTFE, spool mount.
  • Motion system: secondary Y axis motor with the required components (belts, pulleys etc.).
  • Metal brackets for both Y axis and print heads
  • Wires, drag chains and optical end-stops.

IDEX Setup


Support in the interface layers only

Modix Advanced Soluble Filament

Automatic Filament Changer

Modix’s IDEX can also be used as an automatic filament changer. When using the same filament on both print heads, the printer will be able to switch between the print heads automatically once one the printer detects a filament run-out.
Here are the benefits:

Get prints faster – One of the biggest challenges of 3D printing is the need to constantly monitor and maintain the printer. This can be especially frustrating when the machine has to sit idle overnight while waiting to be fed with a new filament spool. That’s where the Modix IDEX Filament Changer comes in. This clever technology allows the printer to switch out filament spools on its own, without having to pause its operation and wait. That means you can keep your printer running around the clock, without losing time on waiting for someone to service it.

Improved print quality – Not only does the Modix IDEX Filament Changer save you time, but it also helps to improve the quality of your prints. By not having to open the enclosure for service, the printer is able to maintain its chamber’s temperature, preventing the partly printed model from shrinking. This allows you to produce higher quality prints with fewer defects. If you want to take your 3D printing to the next level, be sure to check out the Modix IDEX add-on.

Demonstration of the automatic filament changer

Griffin High-Flow Hotend

Griffin High-Flow Hotend is an optional add-on designed for customers who print large bulky objects and need to print fast. It is also an excellent choice for printing thick vase mode style objects since the single walled objects are stronger.

This add-on is provided with 80W heater and a thermistor. The new addition is now delivered with a mounting CNC made bracket. This mounting protects and stabilizes the long heatblock during printing. As a result it provides high print quality as vibrations are minimized during accelerations.


Griffin HF Heat-block, 80W heater, PT-1000 Thermistor & 1mm nozzle.


Tilt Screen & Emergency Button & Frontal Power switch

This trio feature combo is available as standard for BIG-Meter and BIG-120Z and offered as an add-on for the rest of the printers.

Tilt Screen – Mounted on an articulated arm, the tilt screen is a convenience feature. It is very useful during print head calibration process and other maintenance routines as you can always turn the face towards you. Left right, upwards or downwards.

Emergency Reset Button – Together with the tilt screen update, an emergency reset (software reset) button is now located on the front of the machine. This control and safety feature will allow you to immediately stop prints whenever needed.

Frontal Power Switch –easy to reach power on/off button. Useful when the printer is installed in a tight corner.


Motion System

  • HIWIN MGW9H linear guide rails
  • Four Z ball screws for Z axis movement. 12mm diameter, 4mm pitch
  • 9 mm width Gates GT2 timing belt, reinforced with fiberglass
  • Motors: X & Z Axis: NEMA-23,  Y Axis: NEMA-17
    Mechanical position accuracy: X-10 Micron, Y-10 Micron,  Z-0.5 Micron
  • Print speed (based on 0.4mm nozzle):
    Up to 100 mm/sec – normal quality
    Up to 250 mm/sec – draft / non functional infill
    Up to 350 mm/sec – travel
    Larger nozzles normally are required to print slower but provide parts much faster due to a reduced number of layers.


  • Support both 110V and 230V
  • For electronics: Meanwell 24V 280W Power Supply
    • Protections: Short / Over-load / Over-voltage / Over-heating.
    • No load power consumption<0.5W
    • LED indicator for power on
    • Aviation grade switches and connectors
  • Heat Bed AC powered heater 1370 Watt
  • PID bed heater controller by Autonic
  • BIG METER and 180x require 208-240V, 32A connections
    • EU/AU/UK customers: IEC 309 32A Blue (2P+E) outlet
  • Tripp Lite PDU for meter and 180x

Print Bed

  • 6.35mm thick, Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum plate, made in the USA.
  • AC powered bed heater 1370 Watt (1,200 Watt for 110V users). Requires a dedicated independent 15A AC source.
  • Dual heating zones. Inner 200X200mm size for small objects and lower power consumption.
  • Max temperature – 110oc  (with enclosure)
  • Print surface – PEI film with 3M high temp adhesive sheet.

Removable Magnetic Bed

This add-on will greatly improve the user experience and save you time on a daily basis.  Modix’s printers are delivered by default with a PEI sheet that releases the print once the bed is cooled down to room temperature. With the removable magnetic bed add-on, users do not need to wait or work hard with a spatula and can easily and immediately remove objects after completing the print job by simply bending the spring steel plate.

This add-on includes an adhesive magnetic sheet that should be fixed to the aluminum bed plate and a removable spring steel plate that should be placed on top of it.
The flexible spring steel plate can be printed on from both sides. One side is PEI powder coated providing textured bottom surface and the other side is serviced with a smooth PEI sheet providing a glossy bottom finish.

Another advantage is with maintenance, the PEI installed on the bed plate can degrade over time. Print removal with a spatula may result in unwanted scratches that later appear at the bottom of the printed object. Replacing the PEI on the removable spring steel or even buying a spare unit is much easier than removing it from the bed plate itself.



  • Open-source Duet RepRap firmware. The leading firmware for 3D printing allowing numerous configurations and easy customization using the macro system.
  • One can choose from any available slicer and 3D printer controller including: Slic3r, Cura, and Simplify3d. Specific printer configurations are supplied in the customer zone.

Clog Detector

Previously an optional add-on and now default with every printer, is an improvement to the printer’s reliability.  The clog detector is provided with a custom highly sensitive encoder capable of detecting for following potential failures:

  • Hot-end clogs
  • Knots in the filament spools
  • Filament run-out
  • Under extrusion such as when the nozzle temperature is too low,  or the nozzle is too close to the bed.

When a failure is being detected, the printer is paused and the print job can be saved. No more discovering your printer printing midair!
This add-on is provided as a drop-in replacement for the current filament run-out sensor. Consider purchasing two units for dual print head configuration.

Active Air Filter

The Modix Active Air Filter (MAAF) is an external air filter device. The filter cleanses the printers’ chamber by capturing micro-particles and gas fumes that are released from melted filament throughout the 3D printing process. MAAF provides a constant air cleansing process during the entire printing process, circulating the air in and out and back into the printer while cleaning it repeatedly.

Multi-layer filtering
A large fan inside the device draws the air from the printer through a flexible vent tube connected to the top of the device. The air is then guided through a set of three filters before it is circulated back into the printer.

The triple filter system includes
1. Pre-Filter –
 Remove large dust particles from the air.
2. HEPA Filter –
 High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter, composed of a mat of randomly arranged fiberglass fibers designed to capture tiny particles released during printing.
3. Active Carbon Filter – Clean the air from toxic fumes released during the 3D printing process.

It is about your health!
Sub-micron particles and fumes released during the plastic melting process pose risk to your health. Therefore, every owner of a Modix 3D printer is strongly advised to install an air filter.  Air filter is a MUST-HAVE add-on if you intend to print with any plastic beyond PLA, i.e. PETG, ABS… Although common knowledge is that printing PLA in a well-ventilated room is fine, there is no clear definition of proper room ventilation and during the winter and summer times windows are normally closed.

Controlling the air speed
Frontal speed selector allows controlling the air flow speed. Running the filter on the lowest speed during the printing process will not affect the internal chamber temperature while providing effective filtering. By the end of the printing, you can set the speed for the highest option for a few minutes in order to ensure the complete chamber has been cleaned of any harmful additives opening the doors.

Spare Filters
Considering the daily use of the printer in a clean room, the HEPA/Carbon combo filters last from 6 to12 months and the pre-filter from 3 to 6 months. An alert indicator to change the is located on the front panel.


Crash Detector

Previously an optional add-on and now default with every printer is an additional layer of safety in rare cases where the BL-Touch bed leveling probe fails and this failure is not being detected by the printer controller. In this case, the detector will prevent the print head from crashing into the bed plate.


Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

PDU is included by default with the BIG-Meter and BIG-180X due to their high current drawing requirements. Since we have found it to be a very convenient cable management solution, it is now offered for all other models*. Replace 3 AC cables with only one cable connected to the wall.

* This solution does not support BIG-120X running on 110V, please contact the sales team for an alternative solution.



Easy to print:   Simply adhere to Modix’s straightforward filament printing instructions




“Eco-friendly, easy to print, ideal for various projects.”


“Simple like PLA, strong like ABS, for versatile prints.”

Intermediate: A bit of know-how and our Modix user guide is all you need, or simply opt for our “professional services”




“Fatigue-resistant and semi-flexible, for durable containers.”


“Strong, flexible, for parts needing toughness.”


“Flexible and durable, perfect for bendable items.”

MAS (Modix Advanced Support)

“Flawless support for complex prints, easy post-processing.”

AdvancedRely on Modix’s “professional services” for advanced assistance and in-depth expertise




“Tough, heat-resistant, for functional mechanical parts.”


“Strong like ABS with UV resistance, great for outdoors.”


“Ultra-tough and heat-resistant, for resilient parts.”


“Ideal support material, also for lightweight applications.”


8KG Spools Mounting Shelf Add-on

A refreshed design of the spool mounting shelf will now enable mounting 8KG




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