ElogioAM, innovative Additive Manufacturing materials. Reliable, high performance, Fit for Purpose.

  • ElogioAM aims to be the innovation and quality leader in creating Additive Manufacturing materials.
  • We seek to manufacture and develop the highest performance Additive Manufacturing (also called 3D printing) materials worldwide.
  • We have unrivaled polymer and Additive Manufacturing expertise and will leverage this to make materials that are fit for purpose.
  • By creating materials optimized for specific applications our materials will outperform bulk, commodity and specialty materials.
  • ElogioAM is alone in being able to completely create the monomer, polymer, additives and then deploy these solely to increase the performance of the final 3D printed part.
  • Only ElogioAM develops materials specifically to explicitly outperform in the 3D printed part for the unique application of that part.
  • Elogio AM is currently developing unique end-use additive manufacturing materials for orthotics, bioprinting, spare parts, and wearables.

FACILAN 3d printer filament



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