Luvocom® 3F PAHT KK 50056 BK FR Filament

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Luvocom® 3F PAHT KK 50056 BK FR Filament


Luvocom® 3F PAHT KK 50056 BK FR is a flame retardant High-temperature polyamide. Due to the halogen free ceramic spheres reinforcement you can 3D print flame resistance parts with thicknesses of ≥0.4mm and achieve UL-94 V0. This material is optimised for FFF / FDM 3D printing systems and has enhanced printability with high chemical and mechanical properties. It's a PA6 based material but it exhibits lower water absorption and higher temperature resistance. The filament can be used on conventional FFF / FDM 3D printing systems due to the enhanced printability, improved layer bonding and the unrequired use of a heated chamber. This 3D4Makers PAHT filament features the following properties

    • High dimensional stability
    • Easy to print, low warping and increased layer adhesion
    • Flame retardant UL94 V0 @ 0.4mm (printed test bar)
      • UL94 Vertical Burning Test
      • EN 45545 (fire behaviour of materials in trains)
        • ISO 4589-2 OI (oxygen Index) R22 + R23 - HL1, HL2, HL3
        • ISO 5659-2 Ds (smoke density) R22 + R23 - HL3

Material properties

DescriptionValueTest method
Density 1,49 g/cm3 ISO 1183-3
Tensile  strength (at 23°C/50% rh) 55 MPa ISO 527
Elongation at max. force (at 23°C/50% rh)
1,2 %
ISO 527
Modulus of Elasticity  (at 23°C/50% rh) 6 GPa ISO 527
Heat Distortion Temp. 90 °C ISO 75
Continuous Service Temp. 120 °C IEC 60216
Maximum (short term) Use Temp. 160  °C /
Flammability behaviour (V-0) UL 94
Insulation resistance strip electrode >10⁹ DIN IEC 60167
Surface resistance >10⁹ DIN IEC 60093
Water absorption <0,3% ISO 62

Printer recommendations 

Printer nozzle temperature 265 - 290°C
Heated bed temperature 80 - 90°C
Print Speed 40 - 60 mm/s
Bed Adhesion Magigoo PA on glass or a PEI Sheet
Pre drying recommendations 100°C, 4 hours or 70°C, >5 hours
Support materials HIPS and PVOH materials
Extra We advise to use a adapted nozzle (>0.5mm) for filled filaments

*Printing profile available in Ultimaker Marketplace

To get the best results while printing we advise you to keep the 3D printer in a room where there is hardly any draft and/or temperature fluctuations. When the 3D printer is not being used it is important to keep filament in a bag and stored in a cool, dry and dark place until it is used again.



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