Modix Big-60 V3

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Modix Large Scale 3D Printers

Print volume is no longer a limit!
Modix develops heavy duty, large format 3D printers.
New version 3.0 (2020)

Main Features:

  • Premium components dream team!
  • High flow E3D Volcano hotend & Titan Aero Extruder
  • Duet3D 32-bit controller with WiFi and Trinamic drivers
  • 7-inch touchscreen & web remote management (WiFi)
  • Heavy duty Hiwin MGW motion rails and Gates belts
  • Self assembly kit with an easy to follow video guide
  • Optional add-ons: secondary print head & closed enclosure
  • Automatic bed leveling with 100 probing points
Whats new in Version 3.0

Version 3 Vs Version2

Modix Version 3 represents a major leap forward with regards to the printer reliability, print quality, ease of assembly and readiness to future advanced updates. Since Modix big60 and 120X share the same core design the new update is benefiting both models.

Key design concepts:
1. Take all key components into the next level including: electronic controller, print head, motion system and enclosure.
2. Move from several key premium components to:
“Premium component dream team”.
3. Simplify and shorten the assembly process.
4. Modern control including a large touchscreen and web access.
5. Continue what works: modularity, heavy-duty, off the shelf brands.

Print Volume

Version 2:
Big60: 600x600x600 mm (XYZ)
120X: 1,200x600x600mm (XYZ)

Version 3:
The print volume is 10% bigger in both Big120X and Big60 as the new version is taller in 60mm (at the length of E3D Volcano hotend):

Big60: 600x600x660 mm (XYZ)
120X: 1,200x600x660mm (XYZ)


Version 2:
MKS Gen 1.4, 8Bit, Based on Arduino

Version 3:
Duet 2 WiFi, 32-Bit, a powerful 3D Printer controller made in the UK with top-quality components. 
Duet offers a lot of extensions which will allow us to offer future enhancement to our offering.
For additional information:


Version 2:
Marlin firmware

Version 3:
RepRap Firmware- developed and supported directly from the same vendor of the controller electronics, Duet3D. Duet3D is a commercial company with OEM support. The new firmware allows easy configuration (no need to compile), advanced macro settings etc.

Stepper Motor Drivers

Version 2:
A4988 – Fixed and manual current adjustment.

Version 3:
Trinamic TMC2660 – Made in Germany and part of the Duet offering to provide: Higher current, dynamic current adjustment, very quiet operation.

User Interface

Version 2:
LCD, USB cable to PC & SD card.

Version 3:
7 -nch touchscreen made by Duet3D, web access from both PC and mobile phones (WiFi), USB and SD card.



Version 2:
Acrylic sheets for both enclosure and doors.

Version 3:
3mm Black Aluminum Composite panels (ACP).
ACP is made of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to PE core. ACP provides better heat and noise insulation, no cracks and you can even drill it for any custom fixture or add-on. Doors and top lid are made of 3mm Polycarbonate sheets attached to a solid frame made of 2020 profiles.


Motion Rails

Version 2:
Hiwin MGN12

Version 3:
Hiwin MGW9W
Higher grade version providing wider rail and carriage for higher accuracy and smoother operation. The image on the right show the difference between the new MGW (bottom) vs the thinner MGN (top).

Z Axis motion system

Version 2:
3 Ball nut screws (Big60)

Version 3:
4 ball screws on both Big60 and Big120X for better bed stability during high acceleration and vibrations.


Version 2:
E3D Titan

Version 3:
E3D Titan Aero, a shorter and stronger proven design. 40mm cooling fan and bigger heat sink will reduce potential clogs.


Cable Management

Version 2:
Design that works well

Version 3:
A more efficient design with easier access to print head wiring and drag chain that rests on the Y-axis.

Dual Print head

Version 2:
Bowden  – Remote.

Version 3:
Dual Direct-Drive – Now both primary and secondary extruders are mounted on the print head allowing a better dual-color and soluble material printing.


Version 2:
E3D Volcano.

Version 3:
E3D Volcano by default and compatibility with also the shorter V6 hotend (for high detailed small prints)  and the new “Super Volcano” for very high flow rates that suits the needs of very large 3D printing project. Extruder mounting, probe and blower fan are fully adjustable for all three hot-ends.

Signal Cables

Version 2:
IGUS Chainflex for print head only.

Version 3:
IGUS Chainflex for motors as well. IGUS cables are electromagnetic Insulated by an internal metal sleeves, this is a high grade wiring solution for heavy-duty applications.

Assembly Manuals

Version 2:
Online user manuals with 3D models.

Version 3:
The new manual is shorter and simplified with a lot of videos for each step. Version 3.0 is redesigned from the ground for easier and faster assembly. This includes smaller metal brackets, symmetrical motion system etc.

New Design

Version 2:
Red and black design based on acrylic panels.

Version 3: One can notice the taller top lid that allows easier access and more room for the filament guide.


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