Zmorph Fab Advanced set

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Zmorph Fab All-in-One 3D Printer

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Zmorph Fab All-In-One 3D Printer

Three tools in one device for learning and prototyping. This machine can do it all. Switch the toolheads to use a 3D printer, CNC milling machine, or a laser cutter/engraver. With stellar built quality, user friendly interface, and industry standard electronics, Zmorph Fab is the most versatile and reliable all-in-one 3D printer on the market.

Turn your desk into a workshop 

  • 3 tools in 1 machine - 3D printer, CNC unit, laser engraver & cutter - that fits on your desk. 
  • Quick and easy changing between tools - no more than 60 seconds. 
  • Create with materials inaccessible to single-purpose 3D printers. 

Click to work - out of the box ready. 

  • Easy to get started with, no tinkering needed. Place Zmorph Fab on the desk and start working. Smart features like automatic tool detection and autocalibration do the job, while you can focus on ideas. 

Designed for Reliability 

Hassle-free 3D printing

  1. Works with almost every plastic filament available on the market.
  2. Autocalibration makes 3D printing easy and fast, even for beginners. 
  3. Multi-material capabilities let you 3D print with water soluble support. 

Stellar build quality

  1. Heavy duty aluminum plates provide amazing rigidity, and keep electronics safe from dust and leftovers from CNC machining. 
  2. Sturdy construction designed to deliver both 3D printing and withstand CNC operations.
  3. Reinforced Cartesian XZ-head motion system doubled up with dual glass-fiber reinforced belts.

All-in-One Software

  1. One software for 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser cutting & engraving.
  2. Ready for multi-material 3D printing. 
  3. Slick and easy user interface. 

Air Filters

  1. Combination of HEPA/Carbon filters that removes particles and fumes from 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving. 
  2. Zmorph Fab notifies you when to change the filter. 

Other Features 

1. CNC Environment

Zmorph Fab is equipped with a professional CNC worktable with a simple solution for materials mounting. Safely work with various shapes and sizes of different materials. Zmorph’s Software now features CAM-standard workflow for CNC procedures with STEP operations, ability to change the tool within one G-code, and path visualisation.

2. Seamless UI 

Accessible and intuitive user interface is designed for both professionals and first-timers. Effortlessly maneuver through the menu.

3. Voxelizer

The all-in-one software for 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting. All Zmorph toolheads supported. Try the materials presets or work on your own. Voxelizer has an optimized workflow for Zmorph 3D printers ensuring the best and fastest results. 

4. SMART Toolheads

Changing workflows in Zmorph Fab is fast and easy with the automatic toolhead detection. Switching tools takes just a few easy steps and no more than a minute. You can work right away without extra tinkering. 

5. Quiet Work

You can comfortably work next to the machine as Zmorph Fab generates almost no noise. Behind the quiet work stands the design of the 3D printer enhanced by high-quality electronics and carefully programmed drivers.

6. Electronics

Zmorph Fab is a desktop all-in-one 3D printer, but has a heart of an industry-grade machine. The electronics provide reliability and repeatability. No need to worry about the outcome. 

What’s in the box?

Zmorph Fab All-In-One 3D Printer

  • Zmorph Fab
  • Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75
  • CNC Milling Toolhead
  • Laser Toolhead
  • Heated worktable
  • CNC Worktable
  • Spool holder
  • 0.5 kg PLA
  • Cleaning needle
  • 0.4 nozzle
  • PrintaStick adhesive
  • Cooling fan
  • Protective goggles
  • 1 x plywood
  • CNC cutter
  • CNC clamps
  • Adjustable wrench
  • 10-13 mm spanner
  • Spatula
  • 4 x Allen key
  • SD card
  • Power cord

Optional (Zmorph Fab can be upgraded with HEPA filtration system. The HEPA filtration system can be sent along with the machine and with the right cover already installed, or there’s a possibility of ordering it separately.)

  • HEPA filter system
  • Right cover



Technical  Specification



3D printing technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Toolheads Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75, Dual Extruder Toolhead
Layer resolution 0.05 - 0.4 [mm] *
Maximum printing temperature 250 [°C]
Work area 235 x 250 x 165 [mm]
Maximum bed temperature 115 [°C]
Minimum wall thickness 0.4 [mm] *
Dimensional accuracy +/- 0.2 [mm]
Work area leveling method Automatic, Manual
Material container Spool, reel
Material diameter 1.75, 3.00 [mm]
Nozzle diameter 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 [mm]
Support structures Mechanically and chemically removed - printed with the same material as the model
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, SD card
Available Materials PLA, ABS, PET, Nylon, PVA, HIPS, ASA, TPE, PP, PC, PMMA, PC/ABS
Third party materials Applicable
Work speed 40 [mm/s]
Travel speed 120 [mm/s]



Toolhead Laser
Laser spot size for 50mm 0.1 x 0.1 [mm]
Laser spot size for 80mm 0.1 x 0.18 [mm]
Wavelength 450 [nm]
Laser class 4
Laser power 2.8 [W]
Noise 40 [dB]
Work area leveling method Manual
Work area 235 x 250 x 85 [mm]
Work speed 15 [mm/s]
Travel speed 120 [mm/s]
Available Materials Wood, wood-like, leather, paper, cardboard, felt, foil, laminate, EPP, EVA Foam, CCL FR4****



Printer without a spool holder 520 x 500 x 450 [mm]
Printer with a spool holder 520 x 500 x 570 [mm]
Printer with a HEPA filter 570 x 500 x 570 [mm]
Dimensions of the transport box 600 x 600 x 570 [mm]
Full set weight 28.70 [kg]
Printer weight 14.45 [kg]
Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75 weight 0.70 [kg]
Dual Extruder Toolhead 1.00 [kg]
CNC Milling Toolhead 0.90 [kg]
Laser Toolhead 0.32 [kg]
Thick Paste Extruder Toolhead 0.60 [kg]




Ambient Operation Temperature 15 ~ 30 [°C]
Storage Temperature -10 ~ 40[°C]



AC Input 100 [VAC] ~ 4 [A] 50/60 [Hz] 240 [VAC] ~ 2 [A] 50/60 [Hz]
Maximum Power Consumption 350 [W]
Power Consumption with single-head extruder 220 [W]
Power Consumption with Dual-head extruder 230 [W]
Power Consumption with CNC toolhead 330 [W]
Power Consumption with Laser toolhead 80 [W]



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