Anycubic Photon Mono SE

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Anycubic Photon Mono SE

Anycubic Photon Mono SE PhotonMonoSE 25809

The Photon Mono SE is the latest addition from Anycubic. This printer will create wonderful prints with high quality at a very affordable price.


  • 6” Monochrome LCD
  • Up to 3 times faster than regular resin printers
  • High quality Z-axis rail
  • Quick FEP replacement
  • App control
  • More space
  • Anycubic´s own slicer
  • UV-blocking top cover
  • New improved light source
  • High quality power supply
  • UV Cooling system
6“ 2K Monochrome LCD
Fast printing: The exposure time is reduced to 1 second. The printing speed is 2-3 times faster than the speed of an RGB screen.

Easy Bed Leveling
Leveling can be done in few simple steps
Fast Printing Speed
The exposure time is reduced to 1 second. The printing speed is 2-3 times faster than the speed of an RGB screen.

Anycubic APP Remote Control
Remote control of print operations,monitor printing progress,adjust the print settings
New Matrix Parallel Light Source
t has a more uniform exposure, higher efficiency and better heat dissipation.

High Performance Z-axis
The Z-axis is supported by dual linear rails,stepper motor and clearance nut combination which dramatically improves stability while in motion and reduces the risk of layer shifting.

Anycubic Slicer Software
New features are added to the software. Supports up to 8x anti-aliasing. Fast slicing, Hollowing, Split model , Text Paste
UV Cooling System
Cooling device for stable printing performance and longer service life.

High Quality Power Supply
UL certification, CE marking, and ETL certificati

Technical Specifications

  • System : ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE
  • Operation : 3.5 inch Touch Screen
  • Software : ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
  • Connectivity : USB
  • Technology: LCD-based SLA
  • Light-source: high-quality filament(wavelength 405nm)
  • XY Res.: 0.051mm 2560*1620(2K)
  • Z Axis Res.: 0.01mm
  • Layer Res.: 0.01 ~ 0.15mm
  • Printing Speed: MAX 80mm/h
  • Rated Power: 55W
  • Printer Size : 220mm(L)*200mm(W)*400mm(H)
  • Build Volume: 130mm(L)*78mm(W)*160mm(H)
  • Material: 405nm UV Resin
  • Net Weight: ~8.2kg

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