Maertz Cabinet for Ultimaker Pro Bundle S5/S7

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Maertz Cabinet for Ultimaker Pro Bundle S5/S7

The practical Maertz Cabinet extends the Ultimaker S5/S7 Pro Bundle with a useful base cabinet

The Maertz Cabinet for the Ultimaker S5/S7 Pro Bundle is a smaller cabinet that fits into the combination of the Ultimaker S5 3D printer, Material Station and Air Manager. The cabinet can be screwed to the Material Station. At the same time we thought about a fixed connection between the 3D printer and Material Station, so that the whole setup is firmly connected. With the optional stabilizing feet (Stabilizer Add-On) a further protection against tipping over can be added.

The Maertz Cabinet is on wheels. The front two casters are lockable, so that the cabinet can be moved and, if necessary, securely fixed in place. The cabinet has a spacious drawer for filaments or accessories. Above the drawer there is a removable shelf.

The Maertz Cabinet is a useful addition to the Ultimaker Pro Bundle. The cabinet brings the control panel of the Ultimaker S5 3D printer to an ergonomically recommended height of 90-100cm, making it as comfortable as possible for the user. At the same time, the base cabinet makes the setup freestanding and can be used easily and mobile.

Note: Printer, Air Manager and Material Station are not included here.

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